Legal Documentation

Legal Documentation For Download:

Legal Documents we require from our clients:

Proof of Identification
Government Identification – Such as a passport or legally recognised identification document for your jurisdiction. All ID must have a clear, easily visible photograph and the address information and personal details must be up to date. Your signature, the issue and expiry date and place of issue and serial number must all be visible on the ID you send. A picture or scan of your document can be sent by jpeg, pdf and in colour. All identification documents should be within their expiry date (meaning, no expired identification document will be accepted).

Proof of Residence
This can be your electricity bill, local authority tax bill, bank or credit card statement. Internet statements may be accepted provided they are in colour and stamped by the service provider. easy ways to fund your trading account.

Proof of Payment
Please provide a proof the payment method you have made the deposit with. In case your deposit was made by credit card – please provide a copy of the front of it including the last 4 digits. In case your deposit was made by a wire transfer – please provide updated bank statement or copy of the wire transfer.