Trading has never been easier! Follow the correct MQL5 signals, sit back and relax while your account is profiting.



How to create MQL5 account via OndaTrade:

  • Choose "I don't have MQL5 account yet" in the appeared form, indicate the login and the email to create new MQL5 account and click "Create". After that the notification about successful creation of the new account will be shown and a letter with the login and password of your account will be sent to your email.

How to subscribe to MQL5 trading signals:

  • Log into OndaTrade MetaTrader 4 terminal.
  • Click on "Signals" tab in the "Terminal", choose the signals provider that you are interested in and click "Assign".
  • Enter your login and password of MQL5 account in the "Community" tab in the appeared window "Options", click "OK". After that mark "Agree to the terms of use of the Signals service", reenter your password of the MQL5 account and click "OK".
  • Check whether the lines "Agree to the terms of use of the Signals service" and "Enable real time signal subscription" are already marked. (If not — please mark)
  • After that you can change the settings of your subscription: turn on the using of Trusted Execution Token, copying of Stop Loss and Take Profit, synchronization of the positions without conformation; indicate the maximum percent of the deposit which will be used as a margin in the copied orders in the "Use no more than" field; indicate the amount of funds at which the orders will be closed automatically in the "Stop if equity is less than" field; set the possibility to execute the orders within the certain amount of spreads in the "Deviation/Slippage" field. When you set the necessary options click "OK".
  • Now you are automatically copying the orders of the signals provider.

The advantages:

  • You can subscribe to the signals of the provider very quickly and easily. After the subscription is made the orders will be automatically copied to your account and you won't need to participate in the trading process.
  • You have an opportunity to become the signals provider.
  • Any additional agreements shouldn't be signed up between the subscriber and the provider.
  • You get all the profit earned by the orders copying and you don't have to pay 30-50% of you profit to the signals provider as you'd have to pay for investing in PAMM accounts.
  • The execution of the orders takes minimum time.
*In order to copy the orders the trading platform should be always on. We also advise you to use the VPS servers to improve the quality and speed of the orders copying.